Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I had again stimulation of abusing sex in the guesthouse where I stayed in Sihanoukville. The staff there is involved. In contact with one person of it I got to feel contempt and stimulation of such sex was also tried.
The same like in Malyasia. When I spoke about it he laughed at me. At least he admitted it with this.
With Europeans I had much worse experiences in the past. They pretended not to know or understand and even went on.
The worst I had in Malaysia some years ago with some threats of violence and even going after me after I complained about it. The last I also had once in Singapore.
The best country is Thailand where I got it the easiest stopped when it happened and had several times longer periods with no stimulation of such in the past.
Well, it gets clear that one point which makes it difficult to get out of a abusive sexual history is that too many people want abusive sex and and try to repeat it at least in many places.
I am happy that I am not a weak person and not financially dependent. In the world of today sexual abuse would have happened then.
Thailand was never conquered by any western country and I think because of this is superior in humanity to some extend.

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