Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I note programming to the social democratic system. Maybe it is also from my past. This top down closed system which is a total dictatorship. It is hard to get it out of my head. In the past there was often additional terror to take my power and my time to deprogram it. And so it works.
A former FBI agent in Thailand told me that after some time the MC victims cannot take it anymore and break. this means they take the programming.
Where do these miserable ideas, concepts and organizations which support it come from? From America, if I am not wrong. Without the support of both big parties this is not possible. That the whole thing is not that public is because in America there is not such a thing like a free media, it is a corporate controlled media where only that is told you the mainstream approves of. And this "freedom" wants America spread all over the world.

I assume that tending to Anarchism is a reason to get under MC. I have no more met people I really see as likable from the US the last years. I also often notice a certain radiation of Americans. Which I did not notice some years ago. Brainwashing or what? Probably.
That both big political parties are not serious about human rights shows my link to a site which tells about the complicity of the democrats in Bushs torture (comment to current politics). Public of this terror gets anyway only the tip of the iceberg.
I had also some hints that Anarchists got in trouble and were possibly brainwashed in Germany during the time Mr Kohl was chancellor. In Cambodia I also see less street children who keep a more natural mindset I find likable. When these children get under system approved education this is often over.

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