Thursday, April 02, 2009

First I could then no more visit the page

my email at

I cannot reach though the site is still up. I had a talk in my head about it.
Perps may be not able to control my mail there like my gmail and rediffmail.
My inbox at gmail is monitored. It has to do with the adds which are displayed then, but some adds tell me that people are monitoring it also for other reasons. Or how can I get an add like
"How I became a sex slave" a book about a woman who became it. I had shortly afterwards stimulation of sex with violence in Surat. Voices tried to make me accept it.
How can the mentioned add be related to my email when there was no chance.
This add was related to my Mind Control and gangstalking which I experience and the googlers seem to be inside?
Is it like this that in American style capitalism the manager is a gangster or if he is not a gangster he is not the manager?

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