Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I have a lot of voices the last time. I assume much it
is MC induced.
I hear I should defend myself against MC finally.
Such or related to such I hear again and again.
It is right I did not manage to do that. Several
times in the past I started writing about it with
a paper in mind to turn to authorities, but  every
time the level of harassment was turned up so I did
no more get ahead and stopped after a while.
But for some time they want me to do such.
I even had programming to sit down and write.
I am not sure if I can resist if they try this hard.
There is programming to a restricted mind 

in line with German social democrats.
This has been heavy and ongoing. It stopped
some minutes ago.
Actually I am not sure if it is programming
or stimulation of material which is already
stored in me. It is not that easy to discern,

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