Sunday, July 08, 2007

Since some months I have rent a room in Chaiya on a monthly basis.
This town turns out to belong to the worst I have ever seen when it comes to attacks. The devil is at home in Chaiya. And he has support from the people. Some time I did not sleep in this room because of heavy attacks.
I stepped up shielding a lot again but had severe sexual harassment again
during sleep afterwards.
Many seem to know me. So out of a group of pupils I do not know once one called my name. When I went to the post office in Chaiya there were apart from the officer two girls sitting behind the counter, one made a remark about me that showed she knew details about my life.
That is gangstalking behavior. Heading for a criminal career already as a teenager.
So it seems to be that many know. I know that Thais enjoy my exploitation with MC.
Are there any people who help me to get rid of the terror or give any tips?
Is terror and exploitation that what Thais have to give and like to keep quiet about what happens to me? Is this Thai culture. Up to now it was, is this Thai culture now? Quiet again? Not much about your culture, Thais.
So you contribute to the destruction of this culture, Thais.
And who is responsible for this kind of terror in this country. The knowledge about this kind of terror says. The government!!!
Is the knowledge about this the reason to keep quiet? But such a horror must not be supported. Try a way to get out of supporting the wrong.

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