Friday, July 13, 2007

I stay in Surat Thani now and have again a rat in Phanfa Hotel beside me probably in room 246
which woke me up in the night with sexual harassment.
Voices there were also. This would happen to me because I would have been seen as a potential terrorist.
But I have never been connected to terrorist networks nor done anything.
The real terrorists today are governments with this terrorsystem of gangstalking and MC which seems to be supported by many people.
Further there have always been people who have not accepted any government in power and tried to remove it. Nowadays such people are called terrorists. These people may be better as a existing government but these in power have the possibility to shape opinions of the people to their favor, to monitor and criminalize every suspicious person.
I state that in a country where revolution is not possible there is some probability that you live in despotism because the ruling don't have to fear much and control of power they can often prevent or circumvent also they are able to get other factors of might like courts in society on their side or control them also when it does not look like this.

That I state this does not mean that I intend to participate in activities against governments.
I am monitored already even by MC, there would be no chance to get anything done.
Further I never seriously thought of such activities. My life should go other ways.
On the other hand I try to take my freedom of thought and speech. This means when things in society are to my opinion wrong I want to express it or when a political system is not acceptable for me I also want to express it.
In the US in Germany, the UK and Malaysia I see important parts of society which I do not accept and are desirable to be changed in the long run.

I can also engage in activism. But with this it is what I see as possible now.

The last days in Chaiya I spent in the room I have rented. But radiation was despite a lot of shielding high. Without shielding it is impossible to stay there. There was a much gay programming without stimulating abusing sex.
I recognize a smile programmed towards men, which does its work and takes time to remove.
I assume that it is severe harassment especially sexual harassment that increases now allergic reactions.
On my right leg the skin just opened to a wound of a size of a coin beside smaller skin injuries.

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