Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The following days the dame. Sexual harassment which got stronger. More shielding reduced that, as I noticed that guests in the guesthouse might have been involved. Today afternoon I had a nab and woke up without sexual harassment but exhausted from any influence of radiation. I estimate what happened in the afternoon as dangerous when it happens longer time.
It is not the first time that it has been like this in Penang. I had some nice events with friendly people there but the terror destroys the positive picture of that.
I read in the newspaper "The Sun" yesterday that Malaysia is not going to get a court which deals specially with corruption. Malaysia would not need that was said.
I state they want not clear up all ugly things and want to stick with some. For instance that radiation can be planned and organized used for the harm for the harassment and control of people. It is important to speak about this danger publicly and install protection against this instead of leaving most people without knowledge about this and preserving the possibility to use it hidden for the own profit.
There is a gangstalking system in Malaysia which is like in other countries well prepared to work unrecognized which can be used for illegal surveillance and harassment and more against selected people who are in any way against the interest of the ruling. To my estimation the mentioned things exist there but also in many other countries like in Europe, the US, Thailand and China where this mess is also not cleared up.
Those controlling it want the advantages of having it and are powerful enough to prevent control of the dangerous potentials up to now.

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