Saturday, June 23, 2007

I have rent a room in Chaiya on a monthly basis. The stay in there belongs to the worst time I had the last years. Heavy sexual attacks but also programming during sleep in the morning so that I am exhausted the whole day. There are no foreigners around as far as I can see it.
Today voices that it would not be allowed to work out my sexual abuse.
They stimulate sexual abuse again and again.

The horror seems to be sophisticated and that means that probably only governments have the sources to do this.
Once the terror was that massiv that I could not sit in front of my Laptop. I had to shut down it after a few minutes. I had voices related to this. The kind of terror changed at once. I have as much stress as before but can use my Laptop.
I remember there was a veil of radiation around Chaiya some days. After I complained the last time it was gone for two days and after I had the problems with my Notebook with the comments in my head also.
I have to be cautious with statements about radiation because my perception must be confirmed and checked in detail to say nothing wrong, radiation can be a tricky thing. So I say it was my perception which was not checked in detail with that veil. But I think it has some value.
Who can produce such a veil of radiation in a such controlled country like Thailand?

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