Sunday, June 10, 2007

The last days I had hard sexual harassment, yesterday hard psychological harassment over radiation during sleep. That is the way I am welcomed in Chaiya in Thailand. With massive terror without seeing a reason for that. There must be Thais involved there are no foreigners around.

I have to correct some views.
I have received that much terror in Thailand that stating that they would be nice people would be preposterous. The effects of Thai bastards by far outweigh the nice people they certainly have.

There was a tourism advertising compaign called "Unseen Thailand"

My comment

"Unseen Thailand" Highly not to recommend!!!

Or do you want to meet the Thai bastards???

They may be nicer to quality tourists. People with much money.

But when you use this term quality related to the possession of money to Thais most Thais are no quality Thais.

I am disabled because of mental problems and Thais know that.
Some then react negative because of this.
I wanted to have something done for my room in Chaiya. The landlady organized that and told me it would be done by a certain date. But it was postponed and postponed and postponed.
Then the landlord changed the service and it was done quickly. But while doing the work the workman spoke to the landlady in Thai and looked towards me and the woman answered. "But there is no problem".
Maybe being seen in mental trouble contributes to reasons to support the terror.

I am sure that such people have not many chances of human rights in Thailand.
They are probably also mistreated by radiation and then used for any intended purposes. I don't see any disabled people on the streets anymore the last time.

I know that a certain number of Thais enjoy my exploitation by MC and sexual harassment like people in other countries too. What about finishing the support for this horror and offering support for getting out of it. If this does not happen I recommend Thailand to change the name to Bastardsland.
That would be about honesty. But you don,t want to be honest isn.t. Not really. You enjoy to be bastards and additionally want to be seen as nice people. Then you must punish those who are honest. You are complete mainstream then or the devil of today.
What about making the Thai gangstalkingsystem which harasses innocent people and available technology to harass and brainwash people a topic to discuss publicly and then control them. That would be about honesty but you don't want to be honest isn't it. Not really. Not in this case or are you willing to do that.But you like to be seen as honest but it is not necessary to be really honest, no not in this case isn't it.

Then forget about a human future and democracy, just forget about it.

but you won't, isn't it. There will a lot of talks about this a lot of efforts towards this but without bringing radiation weapons and statecontrolled terrorsystems under control there cannot be humanity or democracy.

I am greedy to read about your hypocrisy about democracy the next time or do you have the strength to speak about the ongoing horror and finish it?
I have to admit the US and Europe don't have this strength, do you have it or will you refer to others who do the same evil to excuse your own weakness.
With forbidding Thai Rak Thai you have shown ahead of the mainstream but you must take the next steps too or what you have done will be in vain.

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