Thursday, March 22, 2007

I stayed one night in Chumphon after coming from Koh Pajam and had no attacks. Usually I had at the place where I stayed. Then in Chaiya I rented room number eight in the Hotel in the town there. I noticed strong radiation coming from room number ten, the room beside mine. The room was locked from outside its key was lying on a bench in the hallway. In the bathroom which comes after room 10 I did not foung strong radiation. These I could reduce considerably with my shielding in my room. Late in the evening some people checked in close to my room. I had strong programming during the night, but no sexual harassment. I checked out and in the evening in again. Now I had room number ten. I recognized no signs of radiation. That meant the source of radiation in my room the night before should have been coming from room number ten but it was removed the day after. In the evening I did not do much until I recognized radiation coming now from room eight which made me passive. I spoke to the German couple there and had afterwards no more problems also in the morning. The man did not recognize anything but I am quite sure that there were psychic attacks from one of them. You can easyly lie about psychic attacks because you cannot prove them easyly.

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