Saturday, March 24, 2007

I understand my torture a little more. I signed up for a freedom newsletter.(
But one Emailservice in UK and one in Israel I have did not get Emails from this service.
I looked for the site It is no more there. It was a site for a Panafrican community and this is not desired in the times now where Europe and the US are conquering this continent for their own greed.
I looked for the site of the African writer Mukazo Mukazo Vunda who wrote a book about gangstalking he was and is alike me a victim of. His site is nomore accessible. You can download his free version of his book about covert warfare from other sites which I see as mainstreamcontrolled. Can I be sure to get the real version or one which is censored. Without the possibility to go to the writers site it is difficult to try to get his out of print version of the book in print again.

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