Sunday, February 08, 2009

I was at PCB close to Kota Bahru and noticed there programming or brainwashing to a christian.
I am now on Penang island and had a horrible time. Ongoing brainwashing. That means that I wake up and feel that humiliating sex is strongly programmed. I am stressed and passive for hours because of this massive programming. The day I had this first during sleep onPenang island in the afternoon afterwards a muslim woman checked in at the guesthouse where I stay and shortly afterwards she started with psychic attacks stimulating this abusing sex in her room. I was quiete angry and she got to hear it. The next day a muslim family checked in and I recognized also interest in stimulating such sex. I had it the next morning. The last night again massive attacks. Shielding just made them more bearable. This kind of humiliating sex which is programmed is more favored from Malay rubbish, while Thai rubbish tends more to sadistic abuse.
That hard as the last days I had programming seldom. Is brainwashing daily life in Malaysia?
My opinion about Malaysia has turned to the negative because of this despite the people in daily life a usually friendly.

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