Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nearly all the time I was asleep in Malaysia the last days, I had stimulating of humiliating sex. It is stressful and painful. Today there was again programming to a gay. I have stayed in different guest houses in Kota Bahru and had it everywhere.
It seems to be organized harassment, it is said that this is government related. They block porn sites in Malaysia.
That means the same sort of people who block porn sites have to do with organized sexual terror. That is what I recognize as Muslim rule. I would say it is completely on American or German Standard.

I do not know how this happens. It must be over radiation and often people near me are involved to some probability guest house holders. As I stay in guest houses you see what Malay hospitality is like. When you take into consideration that there is probably support for my harassment it does not really exist. But this is the same in Thailand. No real hospitality their fun with hidden sexual harassment and my suffering dominates the stays there.
I am disabled and people like to step on my vulnerabilities. That is where Muslims are like Thais. They all have fun with sexual abuse on the weak as long they won't get caught. As electronic harassment is difficult to prove Muslims and Thais will probably continue to have fun with sexual abuse and probably they will put themselves in a good light by blaming others human rights abuses.
Well I will have to see how Thailand is the next time. I had hard harassment there but also the last days some days off of it.

There exists nearly in all countries of this world a hidden government controlled system which can activate people all over the country to harass selected people against the law on ways which are difficult to prove. Malaysia is in this system as well as Thailand is. What about the anti corruption agency to find out about this system? It will be a hard task. Governments all over the world have outdone democracy and human rights the last 20 years by this system. It is that perfect that it is difficult to find out and many not even know that it exists.

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