Sunday, March 16, 2008

When I arrived at my room after writing my last entry the attacks I described there were gone. From the source I mentioned there I noticed no more much.
But the next morning I had massive abusive sexual attacks during sleep. They were stronger than usual. In Thailand I did not have such often before. Voices said that I accept this kind of sexuality because it they can easily exploit it.
The programming to a social democrat has to do with this. Voices said using this abusive history would probably be the only war to get this programming through. So they must prevent that I can workout my sexual abuse and reprogram it often.

I do not like to serve the devil!!!

Can anybody understand that. Yes, you can but give a chit on it, isn't it. Well, I know it is finally my task to get out and not that of anybody else. But inside the abuse and MC there are a lot present and try to get some benefit. You can be sure that nobody tells you anything.
When I remember that I perceived that doctors in Thailand and in the US, Germany are probably inside such abuses I ask a question which world are we living in?

I call that also doing holocaust research.

That they are in the US and Europe primitive enough to enjoy it I am sure about but it is not restricted to that. Where are the people who say no to that?
That governments have noting better in mind is a normal thing. That is why I like Anarchy.

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