Thursday, May 08, 2008

I am a few days in Malaysia now and was several times upset about some things.
So once I made to a Malay a negative statement about all Malays.
To generalize was wrong. I should have directed my anger solely to the concerned ones and not show disrespect for those not involved.
I know some years before I did not generalize. There was some programming to achieve this and I did not deprogram this good enough.
There is another program to achieve negative speech in me which I have to deprogram. It is 'You are only a...' You can put any nationality behind it.
Such speech will stir negative feelings towards me like the generalisation or put people on distance to me.
I have to deprogram such things more consequently. But it is a lot of work and there other programs I have to deal with like programming to a gay like programming to a social democrat.

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