Thursday, October 02, 2008

I have permanent sexual harassment in Singapore. Possibly other guests in the guesthouse are involved. There are now hints that also Singapore is using Mind Control technology. Their reputaion for being not that corrupt probably does not apply for MC. But how could it be different,when the US, China, Europe the countries I was last Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand use the technology on me and also others.
It is nowadays no more important to be not that corrupt.
A good reputation management is sufficient to make a gangster look like an venerable man.
To this belongs good education to be perfect in your performance of crimes and the knowledge which crimes you can do endlessly without being caught nowadays.
To this belongs to keep the holes in society open which allow this crimes. No public discussion about MC technology no laws against it.
To this belongs to advertise the crimes as something else like help (done with MC on so called mental sick).
To this belongs to keep the this targetted group in society discriminated to keep up support for crimes.
th this belongs a gang-stalking system which harasses the victim constantly on a well hidden way.
Such ways goes progress in an mainstream dominated world and no one in responsibility goes against this. That is American Standard valid also for Germany and quiet some other countries.
How should targets achieve anything you when police, army, medical doctors and government are inside of such crimes and even wellknown activists against MC are in reality rather supporters of it and their activism aims in the back of the victims.
Say it very clear- mainstream politics wants it like this and will keep it up when necessary with violence. At the same time they want to boost about human rights and democracy they pretend to have in their countries. Sure. How could it be different with mainstream.

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