Friday, October 09, 2009

I changed the guesthouse yesterday. Actually a change from pest to cholera.

First I woke up in the morning there was nothing. I went to sleep again and woke up after massive programming in my sleep. Then I stayed in my room much of the day feeling miserable. In the afternoon I noticed that I had not switched off power supply to the room and did it. I noticed then that it was a stress source. When I switched it on some hours later it was not such a source. When I went down to the reception I noticed that staff was doing harsh psychic attacks on me and had contributed to my bad day with this. When I went outside I noticed another stress source I could not idendify.

Cambodia is poor did not manage a reasonable economy and gets help from other countries. At the same time many Cambodians like to step on other people who are living with burden like me.

It is proof of a lot of miserable minds and poor humanity in Cambodia.
When many of them are like this I think they don't deserve help and support.

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