Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I had hard days in my flat in Chaiya. 2 days ago I shielded in the evening the left side of my flat (left when you look out of the main door), which was not necessary before.

I shielded very strong and the signal subsided but another one started on the right of my flat, probably from the socket which is close to the windows. This signal stopped shortly later without my involvement. I know they can put up the signal in my flat to a degree I cannot shield and just have to leave the flat. I had it like this sometimes. This most heavy stress usually came from power sockets or from the power main switch. I had signals also coming from various sides sometimes which were hard to shield.
The people who live around unfortunately in the past often just participated in stimulating bad sex when this was part of harassment or else.

Today I woke up exhausted. Later I realized that there was massive gayprogarmming and programming to a social democrat. The name social democrat is a complete lie, isn't it. When they do brainwashing they are not social and not democratic, they act like a fascistic terror organisation. The war on terror should turn against them.
But this will probably not happen.

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