Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two days before I had stimulation of abusing sex, but there may be also my sensibility to chemicals play a role.
This time asleep again stimulation of bad sex but it seems to have been shorter time. I notice programming to buy a car for instance.
I got told to leave the dorm of the guesthouse Grocer's inn. They told me the dorm would be closed and redecorated. Well, I found out that a group of girls had booked the dorm in advance. They did not close it.
Last time when I was there they played also a popular game with money at the reception. I had to pay, placed some bills on the table. I looked for an instance away and in this moment a ten Malay ringit bill had left the table. I could not prove it.
It is my task to be mindful but the attitude towards guests in grocer's is another.
I was told that one guest left the house after swollen legs because of bed bugs.

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