Monday, November 29, 2010

I have to say that I have caught all 4 parties living in the block with me doing pcychic attacks related to abusive sex. I have to say that also some around there have done psychic attacks related to abuing sex. I had psychic attacks not related to sex from all directions around my flat.
Repeated strong psychic attacks related to sexual abuse get me into depression.
Too many Thais love to abusive people sexually.
Well,they get probably get some happiness from this and so don't like to stop.
Some stuff is anyway produced by radiation and so I get more vulnerable to abuse. Many others feel this and also attack me sexually with psychic attacds. Further the wounds cannot heal and people go on attacking me like mentioned.
I admit that with this background also in other countries people would attack me sexually with such attacks.
But I see that people don't care also when a child gets beaten. A normal thing in Thailand as sexual abuse? Or is sexual abuse for certain groups tolerable like foreigners, the disabled or with a combination of this like me?

Thailand has a gangstalking system which harasses selected people. I am not a Thai but I am harassed by them.
That is what they like to do to some foreigners! Thailand serves the Western mainstream well in this area. No use to go to Thailand if you get harassed already in a Western country.
Sometimes the harassers show up. They work very well hidden and don't need to show themselves, but sometimes they do show up. They are Thais!!!
That does not mean that I can get them. I could not proove them anything.
So Thailand has the same laughable democracy as the Western countries, laughable also because they also have a gangstalking system to hinder, intimidate, brainwash or eliminate any undesired opposition with various means which are difficult to proove. (somewhat like "CIA grade" hatassment)

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