Saturday, December 31, 2011

A few days ago in the star (Malaysia) an article appeared on the front page related to domestic violence.
The same day I had voices saying I would have been a victim of violence combined with sex in my family for longer time.
I knew that.

Stimulation of such sex during sleep been often the time I have been in Malaysia. One thing related to such is that you have the urge for such sex during the day. This is hardly the case when there is not such stimulation.

It stopped the day I had the voices mentioned above.
The days before I noticed a connection of increasing symptoms of Arthritis and such stimulation and had repeated incidences of such.

But stimulation of abusing sex goes on. It has just switched from
sex with violence to other humiliating sex and gay sex.
I do not notice symptoms of Arthritis directly related to such sex but it contributes a lot to burn out and later depression.

Bodily symptoms are exercises meet with resistance in the body exercises are more difficult to do. There is tension but not that much pain which makes you weaker gives you the wish to stop exercising.

The same day I had the first stimulation of sex with violence in Malaysia the time I am here now the Prime Minister of Malaysia uttered an remark about like that sex would be a matter of individual choice.

I want to give warning.
In both Malaysia and Thailand gangstalking and electronic weapons are used against me.
Both countries rather destroy than support people with mental problems. They do this not openly, more covertly.
So I five a warning against this countries for this group of
people. This is my experience.

I have no proof with much stuff but I am a person with mental problems and as such more a authority to other people with mental problems as doctors, who have proven countless times to act as enemies of such people. The existence of psychiatry and its support by doctors alone is proof enough.

I just hear the voices which I think are not part of my own
and I get the stress of them which I partly can identify related to such stuff. But officials of both countries will have no problem to relate what I say to my mental problems.
Exactly this makes such weapons ideal for use on people with mental
problems. Nobody will believe them.

The voices say also that such stuff is easily possible against minorities would not cause political upheaval, so they can afford it and do it. The voices I have I recognize as german democrats, they act permantly as such.

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