Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is it credible if any government says they would not be doing Mind Control?

Isn't it necessary to take serious the claims state that they are under such attack and support claims to investigate it.

Here is a  link to a petition to support such.  We need no more that many supporters to achieve the   necessary number to get this petition taken.

Below is link to an  interview with M15 agent Dr. Barrie Trower

He speaks about Mind Control and he knows about such.
(The Security Service (MI5) is a British intelligence agency working to protect the UK's national security against threats such as terrorism and espionage )

MI5 agent Dr. Barrie Trower: dangerous radiation everywhere

I do not think that there is enough done to protect the people against abuse against newer findings in science  because especially  science, governments and big corporations have first access to it while the general people don't have. Also many well educated people will act criminal when  there are benefits and good chances to get off easily.
So iti is important to automatize and institutionalize independently counteraction against such threats outside the usual powercentres.

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