Friday, November 30, 2012

Sexual harassment is ongoing. This brings me in trouble with myself. There are different kinds of humiliating sex reprogrammed and stimulated.

I now speak about Thailand. I had been to Malaysia some weeks and then came back to Thailand and went to my room in Chaiya. The last time I had been in Thailand I did not have any harassment. This time it restarted. Is it because they have new information ablur me putting me in a worse light? I spoke in Penang about my disability, if they got and use this information negative this may have led to restart the terror.
I had this impression already some years ago. I started to participate in a online group of people who have been in psychiatry. My idea was to improve protection against such. At the time I did this you could easily land up there in Germany.
At the same time Thais in a monastry not far from Chumpon where I stayed at that tiime started to treat me unfair.
It looks as if some information about me is enough to get harassed by Thais.
I don't think that much of Thais anymore anyway.

I have been since 13 years again and again in Thailand and haven't been accused of any crime, when there were problems or trouble I was sometimes involved but mostly not less than Thais.
Thais support and supported harasment over many years now.
This includes a lot of sexual harassment
I have been ridiculed by many excluded from community. I had harassment which made me weak for prolonged times. The problem is that harassment is often hidden over any radiation. I do not know how to go against it.

So I give Thais and Thailand a rating now. I consider Thailand as a very low quality culture in points which are important to me. I don't have any chance to keep my human rights.
The harassment has already destroyed parts of my life and it is ongoing.
Thailand  has obviously  just too many low quality Thais  or extremely low quailty Thais.

I sure met many nice Thais which are then sometimes nicer than westerners, but altogether I had too much bad treatment in Thailand to keep a positive picture.

I may detail stuff which angered me later in any post.

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