Friday, June 28, 2013

The last days I did assessment tests in English one at
I got  the result. Level: English proficiency. IELTS 9
 (highest level for general English)

This tests are approximate only but that much below
can my level not be. I know myself that I still have
to learn vocabulary to review grammar and want
more confidence in the language when it gets into
detailed speaking.

I have been learning English for some years every
 day 2 hours. But with decling health and ongoing
 partly severe harassment I lost discipline. I want to
 get it back and go on learning to make real tests.
Language proficiency is a proper level to teach English.
I would need aditional knowledge and skills in teaching
and make a test there to become a certified English
With the ongoing harassment this will be difficult.
So I ask for support against this. I recognize that some
Thais look down on me like to mock me probably
due to my psychological problems, they recognize or
get told by others. The harassment is done by Thais,
who else where I stay and I have noticed Thais having
fun with it. So Thais quiete some Thais get happiness
with making people suffer including from stimulation
of sexual abuse. This seems to be part of Thai culture.
So Primitivity and repulsiveness are stronger than culture
in Thailand up to now in my personal experience.I do
not exactly expect it to change because the next prevealing
features of too many Thais are arrogance, stupidity and
Yet, I would love it when you prove me wrong.

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