Thursday, September 05, 2013

I had again stimulation of abusing sex, sadistic sex and programming in my dreams. The primary suspect is from my direct environment.

Yesterday I read a report in the FAZ which stressed the civil rights of the people in the West contrary to Russia. I am for 18 years a victim of gang stalking and mind control weapons and it is difficult to get out.
Many people are victims of such so the civil rights of the Western World are just another lie.
The leaders of the West have the means to easily  turn the Foundations of the West into a lie for anyone they want, whenever they want.

A part of this means are the mind control weapons which the US refuses to regulate by law.
Russia has done this.

On the other hand how in Russia it is dealt with homosexuals is
disappointing. Not to allow pro propaganda for homosexuals is
 an interesting point to think about, but criminalizing them and
punishing how it is happening in the country is not a way a
civilized country should accept or tolerate. To improve tolerance
for homosexuals should go hand in hand with the law against
propaganda for homosexuals.

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