Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The last two days I had heay otimulation and  or reprogramming
of abusing sex. Yesterday I remained half the day in bed because
of it. Today I feel pretty much depressed bodily the whole day.
I do not know for sure where it is from. One suspect is an
American which checked in two days ago.

I make a lot of mistakes while writing now. Some days ago
I forgot to read and correct a message in my blog
anycomments. My mind suffers also a lot with this harassment.

I had voices that said what comes now will bring you down.
After some time you will no more be able to move about.
Considering the stress I had yesterday and today such
is possible. I remember having read posts in forums of
victims of Mind  Control technology and gangstalking
that there are people who live  such disabled  by harassment
I understand that the human rights promise in the west is just
another lie of  pathological liars in political leadership of
so called western democracies.
So called western democracies seem to safeguard and support
intelligent tyranny and tyrants well.
So I advise against such a political system.

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