Sunday, March 16, 2014

There is, there are places in Chaiya where people can go to wash
their laundry machines ready for that. Many leave the machine
washing alone and go to something else and come back later.
So did I, but I forgot to go there yesterday completely. Normally
this should not be a problem. But today there was no laundry there.
The woman who operates the service let me  talk on the phone to
another woman. This woman taught me how to use the service.
NErvig that sort of teaching of stuff where you all knew before.
A Thai will not teach me easily anything anymore.That is it.
I forget sometimes something. And a Thai will no more mess
with that with teaching or else. You don't get a useful reaction anyway.
She told me then that people had exchanged parts from my laundry.
I do not know.I could get them back some days later.
Later when I came back to do a second  machine of laundry
I got angry and stated loudly and aggressively when something
happens to this machine there will be a problem. I was surprised
by my anger.on the other hand the woman I said this to had been
behaving ugly towards me intendedly for some time.
In the evening there was nobody at the service I hope I will get my
laundry back.

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