Monday, April 07, 2014

It is advised to use a vpn for security reasons to remain private
online on wifi
But vpns are based in west My experience is that you can't
simply trust American corporations. I won't  say that you can't
trust them at all either.
I had it with paypal, that they gave me a lot of trouble
I had it with google that I have to suspect that they
support my MC targetting. Now I have it with my vpn
provider. Just as I use a credit card the first time online
for shopping my vpn connects and disconnects all
the time. I did not pay enough attention to it so I went
on with what I wanted to do. At the same time in
the cafe where the wifi was available 5 Thai policemen
had taken place. Three of them using phones.
I have been a target of gang stalking where I but only
I have evidence that Thai police was involved.
So I feared that they had something prepared for me
related to stealing private data at that day.

This disconnecting and connecting of my vpn went ont
for a day. I contacted my service provider and now
without doing anything it works again.
Maybe even the provider helped with that I do not
know but it may be also otherwise.
Some suspicion remains.

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