Monday, May 16, 2016

The last nights ongoing sexual harassment in sleep.
Now I notice this time sexual harassment is used for programming. It is used to change my inner direction. I have been passive because it is also
programming, I think. And now over sexual harassment I feel it they are
programming me to be more active. This I notice for days now. But in this programming is a direction included, which is not the one I want to go, how I want to be. Manipulation has been more successful with me than programming of affection.
Again and again I wanted to sit down and write for a police report about
this stuff. Again and again I notice some time later I did not do it.
This is an important example  where it is difficult for me to can beat manipulation.
Is it possible to use tabletts or smartphones for programming when they
are switched on.  If yes, with wifi on  or wifi off.

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