Saturday, September 23, 2006

I slept in Ban Khok in the Wat (monastery) by the pond on a bench on 15 september this year.
I woke up early. It was short after three o' clock. I heard a motor bike stopping nearby and some minutes later leaving.
The nights before I had slept in a hut close to the pond and was woken up by a pain in the chest at about the same time. I also heard steps then twice outside the hut.
The arrival and leaving of the motorbike made it clearer that the person responsible for that was not one of the two monks staying there. Though when I slept on the bench the monk staying in the bigger building allso came out of his room at about a quarter past three.

At about five in the morning I still felt acceptable. that is the time many or most Thais get up.
I stayed at rest for 2 more hours and got up then feeling miserable. I located the source of radiation coming from Ban Khok.

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