Friday, September 22, 2006

I stayed the last four days in Ban Khok, a village about 40 km frm Nong Khai, Thailand. The first night I went to sleep out of the village slept on a bench under a tarpaulin. I had no stress but some programming. The second night was the same. The third there was a lot of stress. I felt that there was stronger radiaton which had not been there before already when I arrived. The following day was heavy. The last night I went to another place out of the village and was woken at 1.40 a.m by a pain in the chest. I went to sleep again but then was massive programming together with sexual arousal of abusing sex. I recognized the direction where the radiation came from after I woke up. I have a sleeping bag made of shielding material. This I held in various directions. There was not much radiation except from one direction. From there it was that strong that the shielding material, two layers added up shielding capacity nearly 100 db, was only able to weaken the signal and by far not able to shield it completely.
The day was very heavy after that. I appeared to be sick.

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