Thursday, January 31, 2008

Again stimulation of abusing sex.
There is another problem related to this.
In the guesthouse where I stay people feel my increased vulnerability and tend to turn against me. I had it in Koh Kong that the staff of a guesthouse also stimulated this and now again where I stay in Phnom Penh.
Like usual people are ready to join abuse but help you won't get. Miserable. That is how the people are in Asia. But Europeans are much worse. There is not a bit of a chance for me. The highest that may be a small one I thought I would have in Asia. But when they all fall to the abusers the chance for me will not be there.
Well, That Cambodia is corrupt I knew before.
To inform others about places where is some probablity that the environment supports the abuse I mention the following places in Cambodia.
Koh Kong guesthouse Koh Kong.
Royal guesthouse Phnom Penh

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