Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last night again stimulation of abusing Sex in Surat Thani.

I have to assume now that I have too many enemies in Thailand. That my human rights are not accepted there. They just give a chit on them. Because it is hard to prove it is difficult to go against this.

On the www.pravda.ru there was a report that Russia was considering to bring troops to Cuba and Vietnam. I would welcome this. Western despotism behind the curtain of the many lies must be fought.

I am harrassed by  the western gangstalking system which is said to be government controlled and works in most countries all over the world. Unfortunately I have also to do with it in Thailand.  I have heard that in Cuba it would not work. Maybe this system would then also not work in Vietnam when Russian troops are there and when they are against such barbarity. Thais seemingly are not against it,  there are probably too many who have fun with it or tolerate such things. I had a chance to find a new home and my peace in Vietnam then.

I would support Russia in its fight against western despotism as far as I can.

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