Saturday, August 02, 2008

This time I did not feel that well in Chumphon. Only one of three massages were acceptable for instance.
Only one of several Internetcafes were able to operate headsets. This one had a slow connection, so that I did the download for the internetphone software at another place and then installed it there. The next day the Software did no more work and I had lost my USB Stick to replace it.

I cannot do internetphone calls in Chumphon now, maybe I could if I did a bigger search. You see what you can expect in Thailand. Chumphon is a bigger town a center for the whole area.

This all also may have to do with MC and Thai support because I needed the phone to do things the voices did not approve of.

Today again programming during sleep.

I do not like much to go to my flat in Chaiya because there the programming of abusing sex was very severe there. Voices say they don't approve of my flat. They don't want me settle in Thailand.
They want to have me back in Germany in poverty and in dependency.
When I see what happens to me in Thailand it seems that there is support for this.

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