Thursday, November 06, 2008

The attacks over radiation I had in Surat and Chaiya are the worst I had the last time. Chaiya and Surat are places where the Thai Nazi chit has a say, too many bad quality people.

In Nong Khai I had it once that I woke up after stimulating of abusing sex and then Thai girls loudly laughing outside. That is Thai culture. Would you like to get to know Thai culture?
Usually you can't trust Thais when it coes to sexual abuse.

Not only Thais quickly sense weaknesses of peple and like to exploit them. Disabled people like me and people getting older and weaker so become victims of various more or less open attacks.
But the mentality of people is different and so it happens more or less depending where you are.
Thailand I would no more consider a good place for disabled and old people to stay. I advise against it.
It is n ot only my opinion that Thais are getting more disgusting. They are developping in a mainstreamsense and this means reducing humanity considerably.
I am still strong. But as soon as I get old and weaker I can no more defend myself against sexual abuse. That is how many people are they want sexual abuse when they have a chance to get off without disadvantage. In Chaiya this is far spread.
This makes life to hell when you have sexual abuse not worked out in your history. People want to have it they try to repeat it and tis makes it also much more difficult to work your abuse out apart from the suffering you have many days.

I stayed two days in a guesthouse in Chaiya and noticed also Thais staying there doing systematically psychic attacks. I assume it were Thai government rats belonging to a government stalking system which is harassing me for years.

Once I had sexual harassment in a guesthous in Pattaya. I recognized where it came from and just tried to open the door to the room where it came from. I travelled then to Surat Thani and In the guesthouse where I stayed people tried to open my door.

Thais what about to kick the government out and eliminate that system. It also goes against Thais. I once read that Thaksin used a thug against the PAD.
The leader has already been recognized for corruption so make him go. The PPP is known for election cheat. So forbid it and take care it does not come back in any way.

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