Friday, March 27, 2009

After the last two times asleep I noticed that there was severe and programming to a social democrat. Stimulation of abusing sex again was strong. I feel miserable like so often. My life is made miserable by this. This brainwashing is that strong that I feel down for quite a long time so my activity and concentration is on a reduced level. I know it from experience that when I have removed the programming I have my old strength back.

I think Eastern Europe really should realize their own Union. It cannot be that they turn from being controlled by successors of Stalin to being in the influence sphere of the successors of Hitler.
In Germany there is admittedly quite some Nazi influence. My mind control is an example of that. Germany has a strong influence on the EU and coins it also in its desired direction.
I fear that the Eastern European countries fall prey again to be part of miserable politics. Maybe Russia could make advertising such a Eastern European Union to its task to improve its own national security. An independent Eastern Europe is less likely to be the field for NATO troops to prepare for war against you or direct weapons against you . In the Pravda I read the only reports about growing influence of America in the back of the people in Eastern Europe. To help Eastern Europe to get rid of this and to be free helps you to protect yourself against the sure ambitions of America to conquer you. The only point which you can make important for you in Eastern Europe then are questions related to the NATO in Eastern Europe.

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