Thursday, June 25, 2009

I have increasing chestpain the last time. A check in hospital showed my heart and lungs are not involved. In Surat Thani I had again a night without sexual harassment. I started deprogramming again and found out that the pain is probably related to brainwashing, structures set in my head by programming over radiation without my knowledge and consent for the interest of those who do it. Is it possible to detect such changes with any equipment?
The programming has to do with mainstream mindset against my tendency to have a more free anarchist mindset. I found that a Thai woman also lost her mindset which had some similarities to mine. A socialist party is forbidden in Thailand and brainwashing is done against anarchists? Or was it just influence in the direct environment of the woman or something else which brought about the change.
I know that such things happened in Germany under Helmut Kohl. In America I recognized a Anarchist internet site quite mainstream adapted some years ago.

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