Monday, June 01, 2009

The last days hard sexual harassment in two different places in Chaiya and of different sort. Well there are some monsters there. I am financially independent. Can you imagine what Thais do to their people with sexual abusive history.
Many Thais won't do it but many will. This happens where there is no culture to keep the worst to get their thing.

Well then.
I read that the Thai government will make 50000 people who lead a normal life snoop on the people all over the country. It should be to counter corruption. Ah, really.
This is against the privacy rights of the people and a typical act of a mainstream politican. On a problem he reacts with more control and goes the way to facism over more and more regulation.
Further this snooping can be used to cash in from foreigners.
I read a report where an Australian in Thailand bit in a food before he paid it in a shop.
He should be brought to court but was released when he paid about 2500 Euros for such a small thing.
When Thais snoop on foreigners they can use small misbehavior of these to make them pay the same. Further want you go to a country on a holilday or stay there where you are spied upon.
I don't like this development in Thailand.

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