Sunday, November 01, 2009

I had again sexual harassment during sleep the last days. On the other hand there seems to have been also a grip on my power which is released now. To some degree mental functions work better. I have recognized it already several times that there is control and directing.
Seems to be like a electronic prison I am in to some degree. When you know that I am not the only one to who this happens, you can speak of electronic concentrations camp which are existing nowadays largely unknown to the public alike the former concentration camps in Germany and elsewhere. The technology which enables this seems to be also unknown to many.
It is difficult to proove that such crimes happen und so easily further kept secret.
When you read in the online groups related to victims of such technology you read also about suicide, destroyed lifes and other miseries caused by this technology.
With me it looks like they want to make me work for the German social democrats.
And Obama does nothing to regulate this technology and enable protection against such stuff.
You can say so he supports the existence of electronic concentration camps. Well, what do you expect of a winner of a Nobel Peace prize.
On the other hand bring this technology effectively under control and to end the ongoing silent holocaust is worth the price.

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