Friday, November 06, 2009

Well then, here is something interesting which confirms what MC victims claim for long time.
Their thoughts are read. But when you go to a doctor and speak about you are described insane.

In the article the negative uses are not much described. With this technology you can read the PIN number or your credit card the access number of your bank account out of your mind.
Those who possess the technology can steal intellectual property of people and get profit out of it.
Because I get along well with my mental diagnosis they steal the information on how I do this and how I want to get ahead. For who is this from interest. For psychologists, psychiatrists, political control addicts.
To me this technology and others like such for electronic harassment exists longer than mentioned. This brings us to problems of a modern parliamentary democracy. It seems like this that the main parties agree in hiding and in the abuse of such technology to their advantage and are not willing to regulate it.
The terror related to hidden technology and gang stalking is probably used to put through a political agenda, for the benefit of such having access to it to the disadvantage of the people. This happens to my estimation in Germany since about 20 years.
This technology can excellently be used by a political leadership to keep a democracy formally alive, while hunting dissidents in a hidden way.
Those targeted have also to do with a lot of unhealthy radiation from the devices used which may harm them additionally to the effects of the harassment.

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