Saturday, December 19, 2009

The first part I wrote yesterday

I am in Thailand now and I get to feel it. I have a deficit of sleep of 2 and a half nights now. Last night I was woken up by sexual harassment after some hours sleep.
T tried to get to sleep again and was woken up again by sexual harassment. Now I oculd no more get to sleep. I know this when there is stronger harassment then I can no more sleep after that.
Yesterday an English learning book was stolen from me. I sat outside of a restaurant at a table. I went to the toilet and left the book there. I came back after a short time. The book was no more there. There were hardly any people walking along the street the restaurant is in so it is probable it was stolen by Thais out of the restaurant or nearby.
The theft makes only sense in the context that there is programming to a social democrat and my learning English is disturbing the exploitation. That I have also as voices. That there was programming to stop me from doing my English and other stuff is more clear now for me.
By the way the PDA which was stolen from me before I left to Cambodia I used mainly for learning English.

I have left Bangkok for another place and had sexual harassment during sleep again.
I have that often stimulation of sexual abuse in Thailand now that I tend to say.
The Thais are a people of potential sexual abusers. It is only a minority which does it but I have it that often in Thailand that I see it as a feature of the country.
Some years ago Thailand was better in that area than other ocuntries around but I have it quiete often the last years.
That somebody has a history of sexual abuse is no excuse to try to continue it.
But with the weakest you can do it easier as they have less protection.
I was mocked by Thai police in Trat, in Bangkok and I got to feel it once in Surat Thani.
As I came to Bangkok some month ago in tahe early morning Iwas threated and beaten by some Thais. I got to the police station close to Kao Sarn Road. But nobody was to be seen there. Some days ago I was told by a policeman that this police station would be open 24 hours a day.

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