Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I had today very hard sexual harassment again. I do not get it easily out of the head. In the afternoon I was in my room and then had mind games and noticed that the guesthouse owner was doing it. I spoke to her about this but she denied. I am not completely sure if there were misunderstandings because I can't speak much Thai and she maybe not enough English but I assume not. Such are some Thais today. They like to step on the vulnerable and then lie. Okay, I have to say they have probably an example from doing it from Germans, I experienced them as the worst liars in this area related to psychic attacks who even beat Americans but that does not reduce the repulsiveness of this Thai woman.
One woman spoke to me and was wondering why I stayed already 7 days in Trat. I thought. "Want they to get rid of me and use this harassment?" I no more question that this is a possibility. For that I know Thais enough.

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