Friday, April 02, 2010

Today I am feeling miserable and I do not know the source for sure. My sensibility is for certainly to some degree involved but else?

Some days ago chemicals may have been used for harassment. I noticed this in Malaysia first in Penang. A T-shirt put out to dry had some white pulver on it. It gave me that much stress even after I had washed it again that I threw it away.
Comparable stress I had with one shirt some days ago. I just had to throw it away quite far away outside the house in a rubbish bin. I would like to get to know more about this stuff, especially which chemicals are used. It is easy to do, if you don't see someone putting such chemicals on your clothes you can hardly proove it.

Voices try to make me accept abusing sex again and again.
The stimulation of abusing sex alone gets me into a depression after some time.
Voices also try to get me to Germany for some time now.
That I stay that long in Malaysia and that I at all went there was programming which I did not counter.


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