Monday, October 25, 2010

I recognize again and again that people stimulate bad emotional stuff.
I have to do with traumas which unfortunately can be stimulated easily.
Parts of them come up quite often so I have to deal myself with this.
Others notice this and think when I am inside the bad stuff myself
they also can stimulate.
I have managed to get some negative stuff considerably weakened over the years. Before I faced it often with the negative aspects.
That does not mean that anybody should join my emotional stuff when they feel ithem. It just increases my trouble considerably.
It takes long time to get distance to this if you manage it at all.
But at many places are people with negative abusive thinking who join such emotions when I have to do with them or stimulate them.
Chaiya is a place which belongs to the worst in this area.
Please leave me emotional alone. but to get this is difficult in a country which is tendentiel sadistic.

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