Sunday, October 10, 2010

The place where I stay in Phukt has become a bad one the second time I am staying there in a short time. A lot of stimulation of abusing sex wears my immune system out to a degree which is no more a small matter. This I had also in Chaiya and sometimes elsewhere. This is what I notice. I have noticed three Thais also staying on the same floor doing psychic attacks related to this.
I have difficulties to explain it but in my experience anyway mostly low quality characters do it and go on after I have spoken about it, fortunately these are only very few. Some stop after I have spoken about the psychic attacks and I have the impression they have not understood it.
When I compare Thailand and Germany about my personal experiences about stimulation of abusing sex the result is that I had in Germany much less stimulation of such. And this is just a matter of fact!
And this has also to do that in Thailand organized harrassment happened and happens?
The worst stimulation of abusing sex in the place where I stay now, which sent me a day emotionally off, was the night after my last criticism of the democrats in my blog.
Harassment in Germany was not that often related to stimulation of abusing sex other stuff was done and there were breaks.
That Germans liked abusing sex a lot less than the Thais in the past does not mean that I want have to do much with Germans. Many are everything but nice.
Well, there are countries which I experience worse stimulating harmful sex like Malaysia the first time in Penang about 10 years ago or also quite often later for instance.
Some of the last visits there were better but the last time in Penang it was miserable again.

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