Monday, January 10, 2011

After what I read about Jared Loughner I think he was not a mainstream idiot, he was more normal. There are enough mainstream looner who see you already as a looner when you read what Loughner has read. I think the opinions that he was a looner come from mainstream sheeps who cannot really think for themselves. Such people would probably go mad if they tried to read such books like Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto.
You don't need to label and treat someone who is in deeper problems a looner. But this is probalby mainstream standard, the mainstream looner's standard.
To read both books is a great search for knowledge with an open mind as you should not read mainstream rubbish.
What is mad and what is not is not science, that is decided by the majority nowadays for any advantages and so a quite mad mainstream does like it pleases.

With the history Loughner has he was for years highly suspicious to become a Mind control by mainstream looner. He was not a mainstream sheep.
And MC may have played a role in the shootings. The problems the weaknesses he has may have been used to make him do things under MC he otherwise would not have done.
MC is more effective when people have mental problems.

It is a pity that I did not know him before and that he finally went the way he did. I would have loved to talk to him. I do not like to talk that much to mainstream looner, those who enjoy my mindcontrol and keep quiet about it. Doing MC and being quiet about it is also a mainstream standard.And that makes the mainstream just a looner's case.

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