Friday, March 04, 2011

I had last time asleep twice strong stimulation of abusing sex in the guesthouse Bandon in Surat Thani.

Two days ago I caught staff doing psychic attacks related to abusing sex during the day. When I spoke loudly about this he answered about this. 'Why don't you just leave.'
When you don't accept sexual abuse you may get thrown out.
That I had in guesthouse Udomlab in Chaiya. I stayed there longer time. I had such attacks spoke against it and was thrown out. What a disgustive sort of people this people of Udomlap, isn't it.
Now I understand partially how homelessness among the mental sick occurs.
People notice with time the weaknesses of such people and try to get benefit out of it. This results in abuses and blackmailing.
If the mental sick don't accept that people abuse them sexually or otherwise they get thrown out.

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