Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The last two days I had strong stimulation of abusing sex. I could not do much these days. There are voices which want me to reprogam to accept abusing sex and doing it. There have been others saying I would not be allowed to work myself out of sexual abuse. They want to program me doing in it again to find out how I managed to get a good deal out of it. Psychologists and psychiatrists probably have an interest in finding such out. That means you must not visit such sorts of people.
Further psychologists will not help you they will make you to a mainstream slave.
I think it is likely that Mind Control and mainstream psychologists are linked. They will use such means which includes sexual abuse,torture and brainwashing to put through their vision of help which they think you stupidly resist.
I assume that is the future of mainstream peychology or it is already present.
So mainstreampsychology is important for it to fight freedom and get people adapted to values, a way of living and thinking desired by the elite.

I think that psychology will develop theories to make people accept sexual abuse.
This would an important part of the treatment to undergo with much to learn from
(while the therapist enjoys it)

I do not think it is different. I met Americans in Thailand of whom I thought afterwards. They admire Adolf Hitler, they just want not do the same mistakes he did. These guys are not the only Americans who think like these.

The fact that many Americans seem to support Mind Control torture and brainwashing
and have fun with the abuse and exploitation and the fact that these technology is kept more or less secret to the victims prooves that many Americans are not far from the mindset of Adolf Hitler.
But yout system is in decline. America becomes a looser as Adolf Hitler did. Ha, Ha,Ha.

I add:
I edit this message with a little distance in terms of time. This is a blog, this means messages spontaneously written driven by emotions occur. This may bring along easier statements which are wrongheaded.
The above is such a message.
I would not condemn psychologists or psychiatrists generally. In this profession are probably criminals like in other businesses as well. I could add more comments about this message but I leave it at this.

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