Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I slept this time in Singapore. I had hard stimulation of abusing sex and needed hours to recover partly from it.

I assume it was psychic attacks from peoples minds which I have from sometimes from some idiots but I can be organized harassment. That my vulnerability is abused for this purpose. Psychic attacks I call when someone contacts me over energy not by touching or talking. You feel it if someone stimulates sexual feelings with you. If the person stimulates bad feelings you get stress you will feel that more or less.
During sleep the effect is much worse because the human body is 10 times more vulnerable to radiation than awake.

I had voices which said up to now I did not have harassment in Singapore but now they would try. Well, I had sexual harassment during sleep before in Singapore. Such harassment is difficult to catch because it is over human radiation.
I welcome any hints which lead me to getting those who did it. In the morning there were several people repeating such humiliating contact but I do not know who did the hard ones. Hints are welcome. Humans can sense such stuff.

Electronic stimulation of such feelings is is also possible. I know it is. I caught it already. But I do not know enough to go against it and protect against it.

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