Saturday, April 21, 2012

I had such hard harassment today in sleep that I did not do much the day. I intended to but I just lied down or sat down most of the day. It was worse than once in Singapore in once.
Voices say they want to destroy me. sometimes they say why don't you travel there or there. With that the countries is Asia certainly get more money from me.
It is probable that they will try to destroy me and make a lead a life they accept. That would be in a home for disabled.
I have decided not to go alife there. I hope I am consequent enough. I do not know if I can stand the terror. Voices threaten to do this terror some days until I can't move anymore. And in Malaysia they would do something in a hospital to me. Just voices or more. I do not know.
Thailand is probably a miserable country for me to go to. They only accept you when you fit into their heads. If not you get immideately rejection. Some idiots behavior which is spread so to say Thai standard. I anyway have decided not to learn from Thais. I have had a lot of negativity in Thailand.
the next days will show if they will destroy me or if it was just voices. But in the place where I am now in Chaiya there is a bunch of idiots around and some of which support and supported this heavy terror also in the past.
I do not know how to find out and survive.

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